CHRISTMAS IS COMING, I repeat it is coming! Which for a lot of people is huge stress as it involves spending lots of money and using a lot of time which people also don’t have. I decided today to break it down for you and create some tips for shopping on a budget which is quick and also effective for those people who don’t have all of the time in the world. I hope you enjoy my tips as my previous budget posts have gone down well.


Christmas Present

1. Buy Online:
When I say buy online I don’t just mean go to the first online shop you find, I mean go online and trawl the web for ideas of presents at a better price. I used to kick myself when I spent more in a shop than online especially when it was a HUGE difference. Aliexpress and Ebay are perfect examples of this, you can buy brand new items for a fraction of the price and aslong as you get in early, it will arrive in time for Christmas. Examples of what you can get on these sites are: Stationery, Clothing and Phone Cases all SO much cheaper.

2. Shop in advance:
It may be a while until the big day, but it’s important to get in there early, search out deals and find out where to get the best prices. Look for events coming up in store which might get some discounts e.g. Clubcard points is a good example, save them all year round and then use them when you can triple your vouchers for presents.

3. Make presents:
Not only kids can make presents, it’s totally cool for adults to do the same. Obviously on a bit of a different scale but you can create cute hampers for your friends and family by investing in cheaper bits and putting them together making it seem more value and also add the personal touch. You can also make things like scrapbooks for friends to remind them of the good times.

4. Don’t buy for everyone:
The reality is you can’t afford to buy for everyone in the world, make a list and prioritize who is first and go down the list, if you are low on funds by the end the less important people to you get smaller gifts e.g. chocolate and wine.

5. Secret Santa:
When you have a large group of friends it doesn’t work to buy everyone something, so it’s a great idea to do a group secret Santa. Therefore everyone gets a present and also it keeps yours and their budgets down, win win.

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