Different types of flooring for your kids room – which is best? 

Choosing an ideal flooring option for your kid’s room is intimidating, right? Parents are apprehensive that their kiddo’s delicate body will end up getting hurt when they opt for inappropriate flooring. Choosing a perfect flooring shouldn’t be challenging as endless options are available in the market to safeguard your kiddo’s feet.  Moreover, the floor’s type […]

Home Upgrades: How to save money- Upcycling, Offcuts and more! AD

Home upgrades on a budget

Making even the smallest of changes to your home can have a significant impact. Whether that is new furniture, creating a feature wall or changing the flooring. When making home improvements, it can be costly, and if you’re looking to save money, it’s worth looking into ways to do things more cost-effectively. I have summed […]

Nostalgia Haul with VeryNeko


Introducing VeryNeko If you’re a fan of all things cute, kawaii and pop culture, then you’ve come to the right place. I recently partnered with VeryNiko, who gifted me some wonderful pieces from their site. This happens to the best place to find Loungefly, Funko, Disney, Miss Mindy and many more. With an extensive range of items […]

My Rainbow Bedroom Transformation 2020 AD

Ikea photo image bedroom

It’s official, you guys love to see my bedroom makeover posts, so I’m bringing you another one! Last Spring I gave my room a mini makeover, however, this time it’s had a full-blown makeover, with all new furniture, removal of the wallpaper and even some paint! Thank god. I’ve gone all out and now my […]

Click Together or Glue Down: The Hardest Decision with Vinyl Flooring AD

There are two options that are presented when you decide on luxury vinyl flooring, also known as luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) and they are a choice between glue down tiles or click. Whilst both are waterproof and equally offer similar attributes when it comes to satisfaction, they have different requirements when fitting to your floor. […]