It’s another Fashion post on the blog, which is shocking as I’ve gone months without doing them but I am currently loving doing fashion related posts and it makes me super happy to be able to share my style and feel confident in it rather being ashamed of my outfit choices. I was set an awesome challenge recently by the lovely Faith at Boohoo to create a winter outfit for under £40! Which seems a lot when you start out but when you have to buy everything it’s a little less than what I thought but with the amazing prices at Boohoo I got there with some super gorgeous choices. I was originally going to style this outfit out for you guys myself but with lack of time and it seeming to be dark most of the time I decided to recreate the outfit as an image instead. I hope you guys love it as much as I do.

As it is now winter I decided cosy clothes are the way to go with warm leggings, a big baggy tee, a long thick cardigan and some amazing accessories to match! The leggings came in at an amazingly cheap £6.00 and they are the staple to the outfit with the dogtooth pattern spread across them, the cardigan was the most expensive part of the outfit coming in at £18.00 but it was still a steal of a price as far as cardigans go! Next was the baggy tee which is super slouchy and comfy was £8.00 and it came in a range of colours but I decided to keep my outfit monochrome and went with the black, finally the outfit was finished with a choker was £2.99 and a fake septum ring which was £1.99 (and also hated by my boyfriend haha) I would add my black Dr martens to this outfit along with a stunning red lip and smoky eye makeup to finish it off and give it that real rock chic vibe.

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