Lately I am all about the nails, I am forever painting my nails a new colour or even two if I am feeling spontaneous, and with it being summer I am loving all of the bright colours around! I was recently offered the chance to try a nail varnish box from Coloristiq a box which has almost £50 worth of products.
This is where Coloristiq differs to other brands, you get to trial high end nail varnishes for a month and then send back saving you purchasing a polish using it a few times then it going off which I think is an amazing idea! For £14.49 a month you get to trial three high quality nail varnishes such as Essie, Opi and China Glaze once you’re done you send them back! Although this concept is new and awesome I can see why people would have reservations against this as some people just prefer to purchase things which are brand new and then keep them, but as far as this goes I think it’s amazing in my opinion it is literally the same as renting a film, expect nail varnish! 
In my box I received the following polishes 2 from Essie, 2 from Nails Inc, 1 from Sally Hansen and finally 1 from OPI! Although all of the colours aren’t my taste I think it gives you an amazing variation of colours to use and also it comes with a leaflet of which you can create looks from. On their site they do have some boxes which are able to purchase like this one which you can currently get your hands on! I have fallen in love with Essie polishes and would happily purchase some other colours, I am a bit gutted that there isn’t anything from China Glaze in the box as I would love to try them out. but overall a really cool concept and some amazing brands!   

Would you ‘rent’ nail polish? 

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