There are two options that are presented when you decide on luxury vinyl flooring, also known as luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) and they are a choice between glue down tiles or click.

Whilst both are waterproof and equally offer similar attributes when it comes to satisfaction, they have different requirements when fitting to your floor. Depending on your subfloor, one may be better suited than the other so it’s important to take that factor into consideration.

Glue Down

In choosing the glue down option you need a few requirements and measures before implementing as your floor of choice.

Having the benefit of being an initially cheaper alternative to the click option, you will need to ensure that the existing subfloor is flat. You may, however, require a professional to install which could bump up the pricing. However, if the room is a high traffic area such as a kitchen it is considered a much more suitable option.

Adhesives are required to give the flooring a strong stability and keep its natural appearance, so that furniture will not leave a heavy indent. Hard Set and Pressure Sensitive adhesive choices depend on the room you choose, as some areas will require heavy duty consideration.



This is a preferred option for those not wanting the fuss of fine installation and can be done easily by those inexperienced with flooring.

Without the need of adhesive, click panels require no tools and can be simply clicked together and put into place. As this is a bit more expensive than a glue down option, you save money on not requiring a professional installer due to its ease. Being the most preferred choice in vinyl flooring food the longest period and retaining its popularity is as much down to its ease as it is down to its resistance to moisture and easy clean properties.

As a DIY project anyone can do and not requiring the extra costs in adhesives to make the flooring stay in place, the click option has been a deciding factor for many a household and commercial property.

Cons of Each

With any choice, it’s important to view the pros and cons of each product.

Both are more scratch resistant than hardwood but vinyl can scratch with heavy objects. However, sections are easily and cheaply replaceable which makes it a cost effective option. If temperatures in the room tend to fluctuate then the glue down method is a much more preferred option as the adhesive will prevent the flooring from expanding and rising over time. This is not an issue for plank flooring in a temperature controlled room.

Click vinyl allows for underlay to be fitted underneath giving a more comfortable option than glue down. However, both options are considerably more comfortable than the real thing. As a perfect partner for underfloor heating, both methods offer year-round comfort and cosiness.

Options in Design and Suppliers

Getting the best advice and guidance from any supplier of Luxury Vinyl Tiles will also provide you with the most suitable options for your home.

Most suppliers will either have their own adhesives or products on top of the vast ranges they provide to ensure your home has the ultimate satisfaction no matter which direction you choose or are advised towards.

Amtico provides a beautiful range of luxury flooring options in wood and tile. Spacia, Click Smart and Abstract offer a string of fresh innovative options with glue down and click products. Luvanto brings adhesive friendly options through a vast range of click, Herringbone and Parquet selections to find the right gleam to any room. Invictus brings the click or glue down method to your home throughout the Optimus, Maximus and Maximus Click ranges for the ultimate modern urban home.

Whatever your preference, vinyl flooring is a reliable and cost effective solution to your home.



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