A bit of an impromptu blog post which is quite strange for me as I usually schedule weeks in advance but last night me and Luke decided to do some Christmas baking which actually turned into baking some Miffy and Hello kitty biscuits but they’re still pretty cute so I thought I would show you. 

So last night we went to Asda and bought all of the ingredients you need to make biscuits and also some festive coloured icing as we planned to make bauble biscuits and also some cornflake crispy cakes to go with them. We got home and made the biscuits following a shortbread recipe, and because I am such a fail I ended up putting the baubles too high up in the oven and they ended up burnt as anything and later turned into Frisbees in a food fight. Luckily we found out some cookie cutters I had ordered a while back and not yet used so we ended up making some cute Miffy and Hello kitty biscuits which we planned on turning into mini Santas, although that didn’t go to plan either as we got black to fill in the eyes and they looked creepy so we stopped doing that and the Santa jackets didn’t look right so as you would we admitted defeat and now just have 20 white biscuits but they’re still super cute and yummy! During the time of making these we also made some crispy cakes which is pretty much melting chocolate, chucking corn flakes in and a load of treacle then putting them into cake cases and putting in the fridge these actually turned out okay and I plan to demolish them today.

We ended up having a huge roll on icing fight when my friend came back from work and I have several bruises now, who knew roll on icing could hurt so much?! It was still a lot of fun and obviously they wouldn’t turn out right as I don’t have the patience.

Merry Christmas all! 

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  1. Georgia C says:

    Those biscuits are so cute and there is nothing like a baking fail around Christmas time. My other half attempted to bake me some traditional Hungarian cakes and after getting the dough ready realised we don't actually own a rolling pin so they ended up a mess, but a delicious mess! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas x

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