A few people I’ve spoken to when asking if they have blogs have come out with ‘can’t afford one’ which shocked a little as when I started my blog I had 0 money and was blogging about make-up I already owned or writing about random different pieces. When has blogging become a thing which you need money to start up? I guess to an extent if you plan on reviewing a lot of restaurants or high-end beauty then yes you will need a budget to blog but for most blogging is an escape or simply looking to build something from it. I decided to write a post about how to blog when you’re on a budget and still have a fabulous blog!



1. This is probably one you’ve all heard a million times but review products you already have and are using, share your first impression, if you’ve re-purchased it why have you?, sharing the price and pros and cons of the products as when you bought it you had no other agenda so people can’t say in any way it’s biased either.
2. Do an empties post- if you’re running low on products, wait until they are completely empty and keep the packaging that way when they are empty you can make an empties post sharing your views on each and also whether they were worth the money.

3. DIY beauty, you’ve all seen the different ways to make a homemade lip scrub right? There are SO many different ways as to which you can DIY products at home, do a post of an at home spa night for £5 or something simple like that, it’s creative and yet at the same time makes amazing content.



1. Do a room tour, this is such a popular post and video which I’ve seen around there, simply take a camera to your room and photograph that way it gives an insight to who you are personally but also again shows of your creative side.
2. Local places, they may seem boring to you but to others who don’t know where you live may be interesting, just snap away and write a post such as things to do in this area or gorgeous places to visit that kind of thing once again it’s free for you but still makes great content.
3. A lifestyle based post about yourself, I love these the most if I am honest I love reading the 25 facts about me or even the 100. It’s a great way to learn more about the blogger behind the blog and at the same time make a great post!


1. A wardrobe makeover, take some of your current clothes and give them a make-over whether it be a dye job, or even take some scissors and revamp it, it’s creative and fun to do and can sometimes have a fab result.
2. An OOTD, whether you have new clothes or not is regardless, you can do any kind of OOTD it doesn’t matter if the clothes are new, just do a simple one like park OOTD with shorts and a t-shirt on and some pretty shoes, that way it shows your unique style too!
3. A fashion wishlist- I think it’s a blogger thing to spend countless hours online gazing at the items we would buy if we had the money, so this is great to make it a little more productive. Make a wishlist of items you’d buy if you had the money, that way it’s building on the content of your blog and also making some companies aware of you!
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5 thoughts on “Blogging on a budget!

  1. Ami Rose says:

    It's crazy isn't it how people feel they've got to spend so much on products they probably won't ever use just to stick with trends. I too started blogging with no money whatsoever and still now I've got plenty of things I've bought over the last year to blog about. It really doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. Lovely post!

    Ami xxx

  2. Kerri Waller says:

    Awesome points! You definitely don't need money to be a blogger! I started blogging in 2003 and money never even crossed my mind. There are so many endless possibilities for posts that cost nothing. 🙂

    – Kerri

  3. Ashley O'Pry says:

    This is a great post! It has so many good ideas and I took inspiration from a few of your ideas 🙂 As a new blogger I sometimes wish I did have more money to review and do hauls of high end makeup and clothes, but I realize that there are endless possibilities for me to blog about without spending much money, if any at all.

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