As the cold of winter slowly melts away and we really start
looking to the year ahead, many of us are gripped with a yearning for
adventure! Over at Holiday Gems, however, it’s recognised that a
lot of people struggle to find a way to appease this wanderlust while trying to
nurse their bank accounts back to health post-Christmas. So, we’ve come up with
four suggested escapes that will satisfy your itchy feet without the financial
If you want to escape March’s typical grey gloom, then
Portugal is the perfect location to get a hit of great weather. January sees
the temperature drop to a balmy 14-15 degrees celsius, and this climbs
gradually as the year progresses to an average of 28 in August, with March
sitting as a happy medium between the two. It’s a great escape for foodies, so
you may want to set aside a good portion of your budget to enable you to
experience the country’s sumptuous culinary delights, and, with sea on two
sides, it’s the perfect destination for a beach break. You can experience the
Algarve for as low as £150.19 for five nights per person!
More year-round sunshine can be found on the glorious
Mediterranean island of Malta. From just over £109 per person for five nights,
the ultimate sun, sea and sand experience can be yours for the taking.
Experience an enriching adventure as you explore ancient cobbled villages and
learn the island’s ancient myths, or grab life with both hands and dance the
night away in one of Malta’s exhilarating clubs or sample the delights of
Maltese cuisine. The island’s landscape is flat and sprawling, meaning you can
get about with ease, and it’s a great place to bring people with little legs!
From the bazaar to the snow-capped mountains to the sandy
seaside, Turkey’s popularity as a holiday destinations never seems to wane –
which is unsurprising as you can fly there and stay for four nights from under
£160. Hardy explorers can quench their thirst for adventure by delving into the
wilderness on hikes or learn about the diverse heritage and cultures of this
fascinating country, while those who just need a relaxing break will be spoilt
rotten by the vast array of glorious beaches and rich opportunities for some
much-needed retail therapy in cities such as the thriving Istanbul. The food is
superb and varied – so don’t miss the opportunity to sample both the gorgeous
street food and the sumptuous finer cuisine.

If you’re setting your sights further afield, Mexico may
just be the place for you. The temperature rarely drops below the twenties all
year round, and a visit in March means that you can avail yourself of the drier
weather and avoid tropical storms. Far less costly than a journey to the U.S.,
Mexico is within reach for just over £861 a week per individual, flights
included. The country may be most famous for its rich and wholesome cuisine,
but also brims with a wealth of ancient architecture (some prehistoric!) and
awe-inspiring natural beauty.

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