Why Dungarees & Donuts?

Dungarees & Donuts comes from my love of donuts throughout college (especially Krispy Kreme) and as I planned on sharing food, lifestyle and fashion I needed a way to tie this all together. Hence the Dungarees, as it’s then fashion and food. The brand has stuck and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Topics I can expect to see covered

On Dungarees & Donuts you can expect to see

  • Mental Health posts which include BPD, Anxiety & Depression
  • Confidence Issues
  • (Attempted) Bakes
  • Wishlists
  • Conversational Pieces
  • Gift Guides
  • and more…

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Can I hire you as a freelancer?

Of course, I run a separate site for my freelance work. I kept this in the theme of Donuts though, so don’t worry. Introducing Link Donuts. To discuss this futher please reach out to linkdonuts@gmail.com


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