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Freelancers with mental health

The Ugly Truth About Body Image

    Society tells us we should love ourselves, we should be happy with the way we look and embrace our flaws. We are also told by society we need to be perfect, look a certain way and be a certain size to be accepted. It tells us that if we are "fat" we are going to…

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TravelThings to do in Glasgow in 2024 Are you thinking of booking a trip to Glasgow? Or maybe you already have one planned, if so, this is the post for you. With so many exciting events and places to visit in Glasgow in 2024 this guide has you covered. Whether you're wondering about Glasgow events…

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Thoughts of a new driver

Thoughts (almost) every new driver has

[ux_image id="6193"] This is a collaborative post You've passed your test now what? If you've followed me for a while now, you may already be aware that I passed my driving test in 2017 after many failed attempts. But until a couple of weeks ago, I hadn't driven again since. After all of that time, I…

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Why I love working for myself

Why I love working for myself.

Becoming a freelancer In March of this year, I walked down the stairs at my workplace for the final time, I handed back my keycard and I was done. For two years, this place had been where I spent most of my waking hours, I made friends, I had highs and lows, but it was…

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